About Infragard Memphis

The InfraGard Members Alliance (INMA) - Memphis Chapter is a FBI-affiliated not for profit 501(c)3 organization. The InfraGard program (and name) is owned by the FBI. Through a letter of agreement, the FBI has documented the program requirements, and the responsibility of the private sector (INMA and the IMAs). Our mission is to mitigate criminal and terrorist threats, risks and losses for the purpose of protecting our region’s critical infrastructure and the American people. This is accomplished through education, information sharing, and by encouraging members to implement best practices. We are not an investigative organization. We encourage private industry to share threat information through FBI reporting tools. At the national level, the InfraGard National Members Alliance was founded in 1996 and now comprises over 80 regional chapters, each linked to a FBI Field Office. 

INMA - Memphis Chapter fills the need of increasing the level of information and reporting between private sector citizens and the public sector (FBI, DHS) on matters related to counterterrorism, cyber-crime and other major crime programs. In return the FBI provides IMA members value-added products through threat advisories, flash alerts, and warnings that can be accessed on a secure FBI database / web based system. Additionally, both sectors are able to share a forum for education and training on counterterrorism, counterintelligence cyber-crime and other matters relevant to informed reporting of potential crimes and attacks on the nation and U.S. interests. In short it is a volunteer neighborhood watch on steroids. INMA - Memphis Chapter has several challenges it attempts to overcome each year. First, increasing membership and awareness of the program (people); second, increasing method of communication through digital based platforms (technology); third, education and dissemination of information to appropriate parties (process). 

INMA-Memphis, TN is part of the InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA). Each FBI Field Office assigns a Special Agent to be the InfraGard Coordinator who gathers interested individuals to form a chapter. An individual can apply for InfraGard membership through a FBI vetting process. Local executive boards govern and share information with the membership. The IMA-Memphis Chapter conducts regular meetings to discuss issues, threats and other matters that impact the public and private sector companies and infrastructure. Speakers from public and private agencies and the law enforcement communities are invited throughout the year to conduct lectures, training exercises, and workshops. IMA-Memphis Chapter is dedicated to increasing the public and private knowledge base on Threat assessment, Incident management / reporting, and crisis management planning. InfraGard provides a secure website to its members with information about recent intrusions, research related to critical infrastructure protection, and the capability to communicate securely with other members.